Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe





The ERASMUS + 2018-2020 project is based on the belief that occupations that have led to complex, intellectually and aesthetic emotions in a natural environment are the basis for children's love for nature.

With innovative activity relationships:

Environmental knowledge-movement-art education (visual, literary, musical) we contribute enormously to the aesthetic development of young children, the knowledge that is deeply entrenched by the living attitude and the impression of their own experiences, and give them a gift that can make their lives more vivid and joyful.

For those who know and love nature and operate a lot outdoors, they are physically, spiritually stronger and healthier.

It strengthens the spontaneous interest and curiosity of the children in the World.

It helps us to understand and encourage the feeling that we are one with the world as part of it. It is important to develop a sense of responsibility for the natural environment in children.

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