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1.International Partner Meeting Report


16 Oct 2018 -19 Oct 2018


Participants Names:

Latvia: Ingrida Dzelzkaleja, Gina Giberte

Finland: Päivi Ahola, Saana Gröndahl, Senni Laamanen

Spain: Vicky Olivares, Maria Jutglà Guillem

Sweden: Eva Ifversson, Kristina Nielsen, Mia Lundquist

Hungary: Edit Mattern, Zoltánné Bosnyák, Zoltánné Illés, Tünde Wolf Petiné, Adrienn Molnár, Zoltánné Bíró, Zoltánné Tóth, Vivien Török, Réka Kovalcsik

Turkey was unable to attend the meeting due to the lack of signing of the Support Contract.

                   16 Oct 2018      PAKS

Arrival of partners, reception in Budapest, then travel to Paks. Occupation of accommodation.

17 Oct 2018   PAKS   

Presentation of the 3 member institutions of the Paks Benedek Elek Kindergarten. The partners learned about the activities of kindergartens, the characteristics of their pedagogical programs, the characteristics of mixed age groups, the group rooms, the special arrangements of the country yards. After lunch partners visited the Visiter centre of  Nuclear Power Plant of Paks.

Partners were transfered back to the Energy House where we held a Project meeting. Discussion and working session: presentation of countries and recent work, sharing experiences. each country presented its educational system ppt.Project meeting: each partner presented the educational system and specific features of his country and institution through Power Point presentations.

We have received a lot of useful information about the specific education system of kindergartens in partner countries.


18 Oct 2018    PÉCS  An all-day excursion

Pécs lies between the South Transdanubian region of rolling hills and lush forests of Hungary. It is from Paks 100 km. The mediterranen-style city was awarded  European Capital of Culture title in 2010, and  in fact, that city has preserved this status even today. Of the city’s countless attractions, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, declared to be a Hungaricum (a unique Hungarian product or attraction) in 2014, undoubtendly stands out.

We visited the Zsolnay Quarter then free programme, lunch, sightseeing   in the walking street by own. Then we departured back to Paks.

19 Oct 2018      PAKS CSERESZNYÉS

There were professional demonstrations-natural education in a complex way: forest stations with game tasks, tales, songs, we're making a picture to use the nature treasures.
We created 6 teams for children, parents and guests where different tasks were solved at forest stations.
Lunch was  in the Forest school with traditional hungarian food made by our colleauges.
We closed the 1. International partner meeting in Paks and issued the certificates.